Plants in our International Linguistic School, Vladivostok

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Kim Yul (South Korea)
Seo Alin (South Korea)
Choi Heechan (South Korea)
Zavolokina Liza (Russia)

In our International Linguistic School in Vladivostok we have many different plants. But we did not know about them. We decided to find information about them and post it on the school website, so that students in the school can see which plants are in our school and notice that nature is always near us.

Aim: to know more about plants of our school
1. Take pictures of the our school.
2. Identify their names.
3. Divide them into groups according to the family.
4. Find information about interesting species.
5. Show our results to our school and others, as well as on the web-site

169 photos were taken

- Telephone was used to photographing
- Google Program for identifying “Google image search”
- Program PPT –to make presentation

We discovered 14 families
We identified 28 species.

We are going to share our results at the XX International Youth Environmental Conference "Man and the Biosphere" on March 30, 2023 at Vladivostok State University.

Look around and you will see many wonderful things if you show curiosity and interest in Science!

To see our presentation, please, go to attached file.

_PRESENTATION_Yul et al._6 Grade_ILS_M&B.pdf1.12 МБ