Быстрая публикация в экологическом журнале Water and Environmental Sustainability (WES)

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Dear Colleague,

Fast and Free paper publications

We are very pleased to invite you to submit manuscripts of your original paper, for possible publication in "Water and Environmental Sustainability"

Issue 4 of Volume 1 Published

Visit journal website at www.journalwes.com

ISSN 2710-3404

Journal Prefix: 10.52293/WES

Water and Environmental Sustainability (WES) is an open access quarterly FREE CHARGE Publication as a non-commercial publication. The title welcomes original, review, novel and high-impact contributions from the related Environmental science and Water issues.


- Environmental chemistry and biology,

- Environments pollution control and abatement technology,

- Transport and fate of pollutants in the environment,

- Concentrations and dispersion of wastes in air, water, and soil;

- Atmospheric pollutants and trace gases, solid and hazardous waste management;

- Soil biodegradation and bioremediation of contaminated sites;

- Ecological and human risk assessment;

- Improved energy management;

- Energy and nutrient recovery in wastewater treatment;

- Environmental system modeling and optimization;

- Biodiversity conservation and ecosystems;

- Social, economic and policy aspects of environmental management;

- Targets, Technologies and strategies for developing the decision-making framework in the water sector;

- Uncertainty assessment in impact studies;

- Urban planning addressing water and environmental sustainability;

- Hydrology and hydrogeology;

- Probabilistic modeling of water resources;

- Extreme events (floods, rainstorms, droughts, temperature)

- Agricultural water management;

- Water supply, wastewater and waterborne diseases.

Review time is 2-3 Days from date of submission of paper. Only original research papers will be considered. Authors are requested to submit their papers (preferably Word/Latex or PDF file format) through email at Editor@journalwes.com

With kind regards,

Professor Miklas Scholz
Editor in chief


Forscher Publication

Water and Environmental Sustainability (WES)

44-Gemeindebezirk Medling,1230, Vienna, Austria